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About The Body Prjct

Launched by runner and NYC native, Adam Joseph Francique Sr., in 2016, The Body Prjct is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization which provides health and wellness support to the Uptown Manhattan areas. 

Although there was an emergence of social running happening Uptown, Adam saw a lack of group training happening. On his journey to race the Chicago Marathon that year, most of his holistic training happened South of Central Park in more predominantly wealthy areas. At this point, he knew that this limited accessibility needed to change from within. 

During Summer months, Adam began providing the residents of Washington Heights free access to Yoga, H.I.I.T, Nutrition, Hill/Stair Repeats, & more. 

With his commitment to Washington Heights, the support of the run community, and his relationships with many fitness brands, The Body Prjct has been a space for continued access to wellness for all people.

The mission is to provide mind and body wellness to underprivileged areas of New York City by bringing them quality fitness sessions, access to mental health services, and emergency support.