The Heal Prjct

During 2021, founder of The Body Prjct, Adam Joseph Francique Sr. found himself in a place of depression, anxiety, and darkness. As a marathoner, Adam dedicated a lot of time, money, and energy into how his body performed on race day, but he felt helpless in the lows he was facing mentally. 

Suicidal thoughts, lack of self-love, and overall grief was beginning to take over Adam’s mind. His faith, friendships, and therapy stepped in to ultimately save Adam.

Coming out of this dark space, in 2022, Adam received the adidas Honoring Black Excellence Award for his work in the running community over the years. With this award came many things, including a sizable grant for The Body Prjct so that his work could continue to grow. It has always been a core value of Adam’s to give others what he has already received. Adam knew exactly what he needed to do, and it wasn’t to create more space to get your body fit. Adam was ready to pour into the mental health of others, the way it was poured into him.

The Body Prjct is partnering with Therify, a Black owned platform to provide mental health services at the palm of your hand. Sign up now.

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